Household Bleach

Approval of the prototypes. The Order of December 11, 1984 on approval of prototype containers of bleach from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, requires that, to grant such a final approval, certification is provided "officially accredited laboratory, in which stating that those prototypes meet the technical specifications referred to in paragraph 2 of annex II of Royal Decree 3360/1983. AIDIMA is officially accredited laboratory to perform tests specified in that olos annexed. Here are the technical specifications of containers for bleach. Materials used in the manufacture of packaging. ECRI will not settle for partial explanations. Prior to the completion of all testing prototype packaging for liquor must be satisfied that the material used for their manufacture must be resistant to possible attack by chemical bleaches and packaging meet the requirements listed above. No glass containers permitted. Approval tests: The containers must meet the standards for impact resistance free-fall, compression set and sealing.

2.1. Prerequisites for packaging to be tested. Being a representative sample of at least 2 100 of the lot to inspect at least four units. Be filled with water or bleach to 95 per 100 of its capacity and closed with the system itself in the same package, though devoid of seals at closing. Should be conditioned at a temperature of 23 N2 DC for two hours. Drop test consists of freely dropping a pail with bleach or water from a given height and a definite position on a rigid, uniform, smooth, flat and horizontal. Uses two types of impact tests by fall.