Freud said ' ' of close nobody he is normal' '. It wanted to say that he does not judge, you also has its idiosyncrasies, defects (to the eyes of the others) and even though qualities (id). In the specific case of euphoria and frustration, he occurs in individuals that do not obtain to plan the medium or long stated period, only obtain to see the things in the short distance. For example, they do not obtain to plan itself for a professional or personal project that lasts above of one year (a launching of product, comdurao of 1 year, for example); they do not obtain to plan the life, for relacionametnos, accompaniment in the education of children (it already is mother); they have concentration difficulty; they have attention deficit; they very do not like to read, and they make if it are not capable to hold back the content. The profiles of people in this category are generally of little success or stockings conquests, when partnerships do not associate or compose/teams with others of determined or based profile more in the mission, with meritocrtica contemplation. For the fact not to obtain to concentrate itself, they are contented with the little that obtains and the result that this provokes.

These people constitute a group with easily identifiable common characteristics, and tend to be explored in its personal and professional relations. Example: sub job – pq does not obtain to assume bigger missions – fracionados relationships, little consistent, beyond not obtaining to soon transmit confidence already in an interview. Personally they pass levity image, nobody takes the serious one. I do not know as to say this to you, but for being a young woman, it needs to have care, the youngsters confuse euphoria with fire, it can – for needing attention constantly – yield easily, and its personal relations go to summarize it to be ' ' engraadinha' ' of tuma that nobody leads the serious one, but bed takes easy pra.