The competition level that exists in the market makes with that the companies act of aggressive form in search of improvement in its products and services, offering them it the consuming market with the best quality, the lesser price and with the biggest possible speed. The market does not pardon the latecomers, inefficient and the ones that offer to its products or services with low quality or high price. Get more background information with materials from Andrew Mason. Who very does not tend to be good can be in the way it way that leads to the growth, the profit and the survival. Ahead of so great competitiveness, the collections imposed to the professionals who act in the companies are very strong, can be said that it is of the same intensity that occurs in general in the market. . Here he is essential that the leaders of the companies have sensitivity to know to deal with the employees, making with that these have a high productivity without being wronged of the physical point of view, emotional, psychologically and morally. The professionals must be treated as human beings as they are, where the respect, the harmony and the ethics are always present in relation between the employee commands and it.

The courtesy always must is present in these relations. The head to treat the subordinate with xingamento, shouts or of similar form is the same that to diminish high the esteem of these employees and consequentemente to diminish the productivity of these employees, beyond having other consequences future undesirable. When to exist some problem with the team, either in terms of results, relationships, etc., the employees must be communicated of firm, serious form and with cordialidade and respect. The calls ' ' feedback' ' they must be passed to the employees of respectful form, exactly the negatives must be repassed of didactic form in such way that it serves as a learning, not as a threat.