Creating a Capture Page

You can imagine how it would speak daily with 5 or 10 people who are interested in joining your business? For in this article we are going to say how, but I made it clear that to achieve this objective necessarily have to have a website, but it is not an ordinary website but a very particular with certain characteristics in design, half of which will attract your prospects. But first, we believe it necessary a bit of what makes the internet business is considered a science. Pue one is the page where we have a tracking code that allows us to obtain among other things, how long you were browsing the site. It is to this and other information that is known as “Web Metrics.” But most important is that I can see how many people gave us their vote of confidence to be able to send you information periodically. It is clear that the information just to share with you is very powerful and only persons who have access to this information are distinguished from others by having succeeded in obtaining a successful business within the network or multilevel marketing. That’s why we know how many people visit our website and in little time making the decision to become our partner. Now surely you’re wondering what type of website need to achieve to obtain the data described above you? You need a capture page that must be designed so that its sole purpose is to collect information from people who have an interest in what they can offer. The capture page construction is considered an art, which is why we offer you help teaching you step by step how to do it in less than thirty minutes, so that instead of looking for prospects for your business, you prequalified prospect looking for you.