Pre Beaded Embroidery Tools

Hello dear readers, RU.kodelnitza! Today we begin a series of articles on embroidery, beadwork biserom.Ukrashenie – a fun and creative process. When working with beads requires thoughtful approach to choice of tools and materials. Decide beforehand how beads, threads and fabrics you will use, and then Organize your work area so that all accessories are at your rukoy.Esli you at least occasionally frequented in shops for "needlework", you probably noticed that the range of unusually rich in beads. Issued beads with wide, narrow, and even with square holes. That's why, before you start working with beads, it is necessary take into account several factors. Select size beads for common modeliNaibolee beads for weaving is the size of number 15 with a diameter of about 1.5 mm to number 6 in diameter about 5 mm, it is also suitable for bead embroidery. Tiny antique beads can be up to number 24 and apparently resemble grains of salt, the larger beads are made of various materials – clay, wood, glass, metal, resin or plastic.

By the way, the stitches and rows, which we will discuss in future articles, intended mainly for number 8 seed beads with a diameter of 3 mm or beads of diameter 2 11 mm.Po form of beads are different from each other, and if their external diameter is large enough, it does not mean that the needle can go into the hole. Some beads have a hole than the other, apparently having the same size. That's why it's important before you begin to test beads, needles, thread and fabric that you intend to use it.