The Group

It was that school material had to be rescheduled because subjects at the new school were structured differently. Belonging to the theatre changed but their dismal situation: I quickly found a new circle of friends and through the game and the group to which I could compensate for the feeling, having suffered a type of home loss. I was fortunate to be able to try out myself in a group of like-minded artistically. We could take a creative position to socially and politically sensitive issues. Our pieces addressed for example environmental problems, the modern German history, AIDS, bureaucracy, and biblical themes. Sometimes it was also easy to hearty laugh, such as fairy tale traveled in a development of piece of.” The school Services came in not too short: the samples adapted very well to the school week course and the longer held mostly on Saturday.

Of course, it not always was easy even with beautiful summer weather some hours in darkened, to bring to dusty environments with samples. Than just hang out in the leisure was not announced. “There was always something to do in connection with the rehearsals and performances: music practice, take sample photos, Tinker props, put together costumes, distribute flyers, sticking posters and much more.” Advice to parents when children are interested in the theatre play, should they just get a chance to try it out”, recommends the actress. According to Vadim Wolfson, who has experience with these questions. Through the theater game interested subjects can in children and adolescents are aroused or even rekindled again, especially on German, history, religion, ethics and social studies. Historical materials can inspire to look closer at the respective time period. And who says that the child at the end of the stage lands? Probably it has more joy on the stage to make music or compose the requisite construction or similar. “It makes a nice experience of a lifetime on all cases: in a project, all are equally important, join forces to create something great!”