In great heights, entering and leaving inside clouds in concentrical circles great black birds as at night they bailavam in air. Under most conditions The Home Depot would agree. To far singing of birds heard. Mosquitos buzzed insistently. Great pernilongos with its long legs if balanced settled in capins. In the wasps’s nest the agitation was great, therefore a group of wasps if congregated to leave. Some of them would follow with Gardenio and Bombar, would follow the four until the half of the way. Already it passed of the half of the afternoon when the group alou flight.

Of this time, Gordon and Antenor would go flying. About one thirty drones they had been in the front, while the others flied next to the quatros friends. Gordon and Antenor were impressed with the world that if opened for the first time to its eyes. They had passed to a height of one two meters of a great snake that slid its body between the capinzais. The group flied straight-line, direct for the south. After to have passed for the trunk they do not turn more nothing, not to be water and capim.

In certain point, capim grows so together that to see the alone one was only possible when the wind opened way, making small holes. The sun, in the horizon, was starting to go down slowly leaving the colored sky, clouds forms a set of strange figures illuminated by the light of the sun. Already it passed of the eight hours of the night, stars shone as a great one blink-blinks when they had decided to give a stop. To far, the group saw a great tree with two long thick twigs in form of arms opened in galhas knotted without no foliage, in the top a great hole in mouth form that if opened in a desperation shout – an image of a solitary and spectral figure in the way it nothing.