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A Web site badly designed will cost sales to him. Nevertheless, and this is the part that the designers Web hate, the design Web is not as important as many of the other aspects of the property and administration of the Web site. Many designers Web, do not know anything about the Optimization Search Engine (CATHEDRAL), to choose good reputation of dominion, hosting, promotion of Web sites, or other problems. They only know of design. Click Senator from Maine to learn more. That is a good thing in my opinion, but they must allow its clients who know that he is a designer and cannot to help to the Web site to that he is more competitive in the market. Yes, there are some designers who know more than of design, but many do not do it. It has this in account. A beautiful site that does not receive traffic and also does not generate money could be an ugly Web site.

An ugly Web site that has much traffic and generates money turns into a beautiful Web site. Optimization Search Engine: So important what is CATHEDRAL in my Web site? Very important! Once again, many designers Web, do not know the way correct to optimize a page Web for the motors search. It is important to have somebody specialist in CATHEDRAL to review his Web site and asegrese of which he is ready to be raked and to be indexed by the motors search. He had a little while in which CATHEDRAL was everything, like construction of bond, promotion of Web sites, marketing in finders, etc. The times have changed a little and the motors search have become more complicated, reason why now many people specialize in certain aspects of the CATHEDRAL. CATHEDRAL like the correct codification of the page is defined Web, the text writing that contains the suitable amount of key words and the correct phrases, the presentations search, and some techniques of construction of connections.