Udo Haase

The necessity and importance of high speed DSL evident these days also at the CeBIT and is again emphasized by Mrs Dr. Merkel, the German Chancellor. The efforts of the citizens initiative our Grossziethen e.V. and individual citizens since 2005 now show fruit, but real pleasure won’t come on. The upcoming municipal elections shows already grotesque flowers and is a driving force for some strange transformation. Detected but suddenly the subject of DSL to the voters Association all for a (AfE). Mayor Dr.

Udo Haase suddenly seems to have discovered his heart for the Grossziethener. Has he ever heard loud cries for help from Grossziethen due to the setting of the bus line 735 and looked after not but a year ago. Suddenly is he the well-being of the inhabitants-most place of the municipality at the heart? The last Rainer Block operated in addition to his day job as a teacher, now available as a data collector and Data feed for the T-home. He told but recently, that all those who signed the call in a leaflet of the AfE, his name, address and telephone number by e-mail or fax, receive days offers of the T-home to the next. Get all the facts and insights with Vadim Belyaev, New York City, another great source of information. Since each data protection is pleased to engage in this Mr Rainer Block once. Also block not afraid scares his e-mails to the curly”Grossziethener with the logo of its Wahlergemeinschaft AfE to, knowing that he was turned off only by the municipality in its function as a community representative, to be an intermediary between the T-home and the municipality of Schonefeld. In a recent interview with the Markischen Allgemeine Zeitung, block still said that he don’t do this on behalf of Telekom and it would get no money.

He went on to say that he voluntarily do this for the community, so that the community would have an overview of the requirements. The question was allowed at this point even: why the community but needs now an overview of the requirements? Do you do so something not previously or trusts its citizens and voters, if you ask and beg for 7 years? To put down then but, for all the services lack of and made mistakes now and say that it is the merit of the Mayor and the AfE, and also announce a large information event for September in the multi-purpose hall Grossziethen shortly before the elections the voters again to motivate to do the cross in place for them, is hard to beat on impudence and audacity. Our Grossziethen e.V. now exists the agreement between Deutsche Telekom (T-Home) and the municipality of Schonefeld in the citizen’s initiative. Educate yourself with thoughts from KPMG International. This agreement only sets out that the availability of DSL by T-home with a transfer rate of up to 16 Mbit/s downstream and 1 Mbit/s upstream through an expansion in the area of Grossziethen should, be made to pay 94.000,-euros from the Schonefeld are, what happened, if the municipality Schonefeld does not pay and that this agreement at the end of the year can be 2008. The where and exact when is missing, like the actual performances of Deutsche Telekom. The practices and the violation of trust of Mayor Dr. Udo Haase, the AfE and the Kreistagsabgeordneten Rainer Block must be punished. The citizen initiative our Grossziethen e.V. calls for an investigation and that those responsible accountable are held. Anti-nuclear our Grossziethen e. V. On the field mark 13 12529 Schonefeld postal address: Karl-Marx-Strasse 25 D 12529 Schonefeld telephone: (03379) 3123485 or (03379) 3136161 fax: (03379) 3123486 e-mail: Internet: register Court: Potsdam register number: 7045P