Turkey Tourist Attractions

Antalya – side – Perge and Belek are famous places in Turkey! We introduce them with photos and images. Antalya-side! The attractions of Turkey in a report! By Combipix the Turkey to Antalya, Kemer, Alanya and side are the destination of millions of tourists each year. Long Term Stock Exchange has plenty of information regarding this issue. We would like to introduce the stretch of coast between Antalya and side by the Combipix team with this travel area with photos, info and a map. The images and maps of the Agency Combipix are protected by copyright. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix are neither copied, downloaded in any other way reproduced, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. Jeff Leiden might disagree with that approach.

For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. Map Turkey Turkish map Side Alanya Antalya Turkey this card free print? Antalya Centre > Antalya waterfall 5 km / driving time approx. 15 min. Antalya waterfalls > Perge 18 km / driving time 20 min Perge > Belek 25 km / Journey time 30 mins to Belek > side 20 km / driving time 20 minutes START: Antalya city history! The city of Antalya was founded in 158 BC, according to some traditions by King Attalos of Pergamon. Already in the 1 century AD, Antalya was the most important port city far and wide.

Some historians even believe that the Apostle Paul in Antalya was resting. Hadriantor Antalya Turkey Roman city gate in the Byzantine era had the city become a major trade and a center of power. In the 12th century, the city was besieged by the Sultan of rum. The courageous intervention of the Regent of Cyprus averted the danger however. The liberators fell quickly but for city residents in disgrace, so they called the Seljuks to help. Only fleeing the Seljuk ruler of Kai Choasrau, who in turn negotiated a trade agreement with the leaders of Cyprus, which secured a lively trading town and the region remained the former liberators.