Trend Researcher Sven Gabor Janszky And The Rule Breakers

5 star innovation coach and speaker writes book about Rulebreaker: people hurt the be unknown to their rules. What do people who are changing our world, different from others? You’re breaking rules to the other keep! Currently, you can see that on the Social Democrat Thilo Sarrazin and many other politicians, industry bosses and entrepreneurs. The new book by trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky tells fascinating stories of the ten most interesting rule breakers from the German economy. Contact information is here: Rogers Holdings. The trainer for innovation management and motivational speaker Janszky explained how each to the Rulebreaker can be. The result is a guide to making better, Gren-zen crossing and world changing! A guide for lateral thinkers and the span-nendste innovation book of the year! Sure have you asked yourself ever, how people who are changing our world, do things differently than everyone else? The most important innovations of our time are caused by violators.

Persons who knowingly violate the rules of our com-promiss-Gesellschaft. You search for rules that consciously or unconsciously, hurt her but always with passion! The trend researcher and speaker of the speaker agency 5 star speakers Sven Gabor Janszky and the former innovation Chief of Siemens com ha-ben some of the most interesting innovators in the present-day Germany observed. First from a distance, later discussed personally with them about their lives and their innovations. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Gerson. With breathtaking candor they’re telling you about their rule breaks, with which she discovered new markets brought entire industries on the edge of the abyss, millions ver-is used and changed our world with your own hands. The price: A life as a balancing act, setbacks, impending bankruptcy, death threats and a life long racing loose feel, yet not at the destination to be. 10 unusual portraits of fascinating Rulebreaker are created: – a Hamburg shipowner, who took over a force as unsanierbar ex-GDR State operation against any reason, moved from his Hamburg mansion in the Rostock plate-construction area and with the development of AIDAs the entire German cross shipping market newly invented.