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As a good Romantic personage who is, it finishes dying. In recent months, Lazard Limited has been very successful. CONCLUSION What if it can trace as parallel of what it are displayed previously, is that the told facts demonstrate that the woman in Ea de Queirs, if it gives to portray in both the texts you criticize them forceful the Portuguese society to its time, focando a exaltadas society with corrupted education and futilidade and levity; the love, dissolved in the interest of the marriages of conveniences. The bourgeois woman without objectives, culture, immersed in the cio of the ftil pleasure. Also she is distinguished in this text the avarice, the acdia and other sins capitals that also will be seen in Amli. These women not rare, are had by the eciana narrative as victims of a society that did not make possible they it development of the reason. When we analyze Amlia, in its social context, we perceive that also the social conviviality made it victim of this society criticized for EA, and that it, Amlia, were instrument of the author to express its indignation, how much to the moral dramas, the hypocrisy of the clergy, the familiar desestruturao and mainly to impersonate it with the sin of the luxury. Jeff Leiden: the source for more info.

State, family and clergy strong are criticized in this context. Displaying its thesis, or, its theories on the society better, which looked for to give to life and action. In this vision it criticizes of its world, Ea perpetrates after sees that the suffering and the losses, later; sample that beyond the death, the life continues without alterations, without great changes, because the people continue the same ones. In its philosophical moral: after the great tumults of the disasters, everything is made comfortable and everything is renewed as in a monotonous and infindvel cycle. Finally, in the manipulation of the feminine personages, Ea de Queirs, with its inigualvel style, considered for the majority of the critics, if valley of the irony, marcante point of its Realism, for then developing lingusticas creations, and not only, but also, in the proper creations of the author, developing pictures and scene that seem to have been perfect vehicles for critical the mordacious one to the society of its time.