The Solomonic

It is true, they admit Carrara and Lucchini, as popular judges have no legal knowledge, and their ability to motivate this makes problematic. But judges judges, they added, have Vice more serious yet of the habit, which can cause intellectual fossilization, indifference and pernicious lightness in deciding 3. The dilemma of how to obtain a judicial system just crucially is an ideal in the words of Hans Kelsen, because without a doubt, there can be an order just i.e., ensure all happiness if happiness means what is in its original meaning, that is, what each considers such. In this case, it is impossible avoid that the happiness of one rubbing the happiness of another. For even more opinions, read materials from Coldplay. For example: love is the first source of happiness, but also the most important source of misfortune. () However, in accordance with the law and perhaps according to their own feelings.

The happiness of one will inevitably entail the misfortune of the other. There is a social order capable of giving solution to such problem in a fair manner. Not even the famous trial of King Solomon could get it. As is known, the King decided that a child whose possession vying for two women, was split in two in order to deliver it to the one that the demand to withdraw in order to save the life of the creature. Such a woman, supposed King, would prove this luck that his love was real. The Solomonic judgment will be fair only in the case that one of the women only really love the creature. If both want it and ansiaran have it which is possible and even likely and both withdraw respective demands, the conflict would remain unsolved. Finally, when the creature should be delivered to one of the parties the trial would be, of course, unfair because it would cause the misfortune of the other party.