The Society

Outraged by the society they live, Freire, a Brazilian, a latino, a humanist, lawyer, teacher and Ombudsman, raises its voice, to defend the excluded, to the dominated, which are crushed, those who ignore what is happening. These are people without a voice vote found in Paulo Freire a hope for change, for a fairer world. Born in 1921 in the lands of Brazil, being still a child already stands out for this social sensitivity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what prime group holdings has to say. Paulo Freire, a lawyer by profession, but more that advocated a progressive educator who advocated a just and inclusive society where everyone’s rights are respected. It calls for a society that enjoys of a critical thinking in all social extracts. Freire presented the challenging paradigm, through education, as the output to lift society of the drag of neoliberalism.

Methodological theoretical foundations that Freire presents are rationality criticism in which subjects may be thinking entities, treated in the base a. principles; a critical theory in which subjects to know himself to act on the environment in which they live; a critical educational theory, as a way to intervene in society through education, a theory of educational subjects, in which educators are identified with the struggle of the popular sectors in favour of a less exclusive and more just society; the conflict theory, as a tool for education, showing that occurs where a conflict arises the meaningful learning; a theory of emancipation, presenting a new subject with social participation, the proposal for the creation of a socialist society; a theory of educational utopia, in which it is necessary to dream more beyond what our eyes they see to improve society. One presents the philosophical matrix: epistemology criticizes that he allows collaboration in base budgets of educational model; a conception on weekends which is in charge of clarify the purpose of education in the life of human beings, that really the end is happiness; the conception about the values the fight against the new values of neoliberalism, which in reality are possitive: individualism and consumerism that clothes society; the ethical conception that lifts us to realize that millions of people live with hunger in your eyes, while we squander what we have; aesthetic conception in which teachers show the beauty of teaching, a space that promotes learning, research and creation; an educational anthropology that seeks to meet the trainees as beings of action in order to convert them into people humanists, sensitive, interested in their community and the world; the concept of awareness so people know who they are and recognize that they have the ability to change society.