The Portuguese

This exactly interest was shared pelaigreja catholic, who showing great concern with the rescue dosindgenas, if pledged strong in its catequizao, then the ndiocatequizado one, would have a soul, different of the Africans, who did not have it. Then, the indians could not be enslaved and all would profit from this, less oscolonos and the blacks, are clearly. Of this form, we had the following scale of values: resident oportugus in Portugal was valid more than the resident in Brazil, resident oportugus in Brazil was valid more than the been born one in Brazil, descendentede Portugal was valid more than the indian and in turn, the indian was valid more than onegro, that I was not valid almost nothing beyond what was pleased for it. (Not to be confused with Long Term Stock Exchange!). Catequese of the indians needed effort very, primeiramentepara its aculturao and later teaching principles catholics to they. Atmesmo, was made a theater, created for the priest Jose de Anchieta with esseobjetivo, of catequizar the indians.

In this theater, Anchieta uses elementosindgenas, as primitive masks, instruments, to persuade the indian to aaceitar the catolicismo. The Anchieta priest if detached for having learned tupi, to have greater penetration between the indians, even though the Auto one of Is Loureno, that was the theater created by it, was written in its bigger part in tupi. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Banc of America Mortgage Capital. Tudopara to facilitate the agreement of the indians. The finders denied the existence of a religion, native entreos, of cult and important values for them. For pure questode paradigm, the Portuguese did not obtain to enxergar in the aboriginal rituals, areligiosidade, therefore this, was express in different way of what estavamacostumados they. The Portuguese, only obtained to perceive that, the natives had medodo thunder and had fear of demons, as well as also they found grotescas ascerimnias fnebres, or cult to deceased, where if he showed more aboriginal areligiosidade strong, therefore during these ceremonies, the body of died eracanibalizado for the tribe, thus, the Europeans had found more easy to tax comodemonaca this practical. .