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Remember that with your words can hurt deeply to another person and then regret it. So we are in control of our language and thus control anger. 4. Don’t do case of offenses is very natural feel caused provocations of another person. But it is better not to do it, since the only thing we get is discussion, bringing us headaches and a hard time, what for? By nothing. The other person will perhaps remain happy his life, and we embittered. If we ignore the insults, we will act with prudence.

You and I know as we are and we don’t need the approval of others. We must remember that not always we will fall you well to everyone. We must also not overbuild things. Many times we who give too much importance to the views and the words of those who surround us. For example, once a friend of mine was several days without greeting me. When asked what had made him, he told me that I knew well what had caused his discomfort.

Until today I do not know that it was what exactly caused his ill towards me. Maybe she sobredimensiono a matter of little importance that I said or did, and that caused your discomfort for several days. Nor I myself remember what was. So it was probably something that I said without feel it or think about it well. Then don’t feel offended easily by the attitudes of your fellow men. It is better than Miss a time if you feel discomfort by an action of a similar, and then when things are calm, quietly talking with that person and make peace. And not be days without greeting by a matter of little importance. For more details for controlling anger visit the following site: original author and source of the article