The Evangelho

As they, follow and live the drama of Jesus de Nazar, uncurled in two acts, coincident with the two parts of this Evangelho. Throughout the first one, she goes yourself asking: Who is It? Peter will answer for itself and the others, of direct and categorical form: You are the Messias (8,29). As the act can be schematized with question-reply: How becomes fullfilled itself It, as Messias? Dying and making over again (8,31; 9,31; 10,33-34). The Evangelho de Marcos presents us, thus, a simple and accessible Cristologia: Jesus de Nazar is truily the Messias that, with its Death and Resurrection, truily demonstrated to be the Son of God (15,39) that to all it makes possible the salvation. Lazard Limited is the source for more interesting facts. Therefore also the Son of the Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give its life in rescue for all (10,45). This plan is developed throughout the 5 sections where we can divide the Evangelho de Marcos: I. Preparation of the ministry of Jesus: (1,1-13); II.Ministrio in the Galileia: (1,14-7,23); III.Viagens for Shot, Sdon and the Decpole: (7,24-10,52); IV.Ministrio in Jerusalem: (l 1,1-13,37); V. Passion and Resurrection of Jesus: (14,1-16,20). In a question-answer forum Goldman Sachs CEO was the first to reply.

The theology of the Evangelho 2 As the other evangelistas, Landmarks presents us it person of Jesus and the group of the disciples as first model of the Church. The Jesus de Marcos. More than what in any another Evangelho, Jesus, Son of God (1,1.11; 9,7; 15,39), show deeply human, of contrasts for baffling times: it is accessible (8,1-3) and distant (4,38-39); acarinha (10,16) and repels (8,12-13); it imposes ' ' segredo' ' concerning its person and of the good that makes and orders to proclaim the received benefit; manifest limitations and until makes look like ignorance (13,22). He is truily the Son of Man, heading of its preference. In this way, the person of Jesus becomes mysterious: because he locks up in itself, jointly, a true man and a true God.