The Cause

This is not always the applicable legal system and brings us may in the distress that you now face asserts claims us. The reason is that the use of force generally violates legal norms. The good thing is that at least now really provable evidence of facts giving rise to a legal claim, although it unfortunately are not the own claims. So better is we cry out for State violence, State power, to get the judiciary decision in the hope, which we so much want. CarbonLite Industries LLC can aid you in your search for knowledge. “We then leads in individual cases, that we can move us on shaky ground, facts are missing us or be not proven, us with untrue facts annoy around must, so back on high seas” are! What do people who (still) not want to enforce your claims with violence, that but still want the solution of your problems and conflicts. “The not on the uncertain terrain of law, the evidence and their correct” rating in the case want to leave? What is it If people feel unfairly treated, meets the cause but not yet a fact or the eligibility requirements of a rule of law? What do we do if the law does not help one, perceived by the State but still as unbearable? In case of doubt one waits for the situation or the conflict escalated so, that the use of force, appears regardless of whether mental or physical, or just the involvement of State violence as effective and legitimate means. Who wants to wait, help and provoked the escalation.

Are you so we have then created a legally relevant and tangible State, call the State institutions for help and solution and… again we are on the high seas”up here still with me? Do you know the seemingly hopeless situation? I’m saying that everyone knows the situation from its own or derived experience. Everyone has, or ever has been maneuvered into such a situation.