Because you can not or because others failed to try. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jim Rogers is the place to go. For this idea is clear, let me tell you a story “Five frogs that were hopping around, found a bucket half filled. It was quite hot so three of them decided to jump, thinking it had water in it. To his surprise, what was inside the bucket was milk. Desperate began to try to get out of the bucket. But they could not jump out and she slipped on the milk and again fell into. They made several attempts without success.

While the two frogs that were outside yelling, initially, to try to get out and do so soon. They tried several times without success until the first gave up and drowned. Seeing this the frogs began to wail out the other two and told them to stop jumping and there was no remedy. “They may not get out … Paul Price does not necessarily agree. I even try to stop that is impossible … Look, he’s dead … no one will …

poor you … and desist” Thus, the second frog to hear, surrendered. He said goodbye to her friends and died. The last, and was still trying to get out, jumped and jumped and never stopped. She was determined to leave. While the other even safer than it was impossible to escape because the second frog died in the attempt continued to insist that you desist. “Enough … resign yourself! You can not … it’s impossible! “They shouted. The frog in the bucket … went on and on relentlessly. And something began to happen … Both jumped and jumped, the milk began to fight and cut. When milk is cut, a kind of transparent serum one hand and the other is solid. A sort of white paste floats on the serum. The frog went on and on until the milk is completely severed. So he could stand on milk paste, volume momentum and jumped out of the bucket and saved his life! “That’s what happened? Many would say that was the perseverance and rightly so. But as she kept going even though her fellow frogs told him was impossible and that you could not? The answer: ERA UNA RANA DEAF For more comical enough, his perseverance was not affected by what others told him that he was deaf and did not listen. When he saw them screaming, I thought they were giving encouragement to continue. Think this is. How many times have you stopped doing something because others told you it would not work? And just why do How many lost opportunities? I recommend that if you’re doing something that you know will give benefits to materialize, do not stop until we get it.