Motorists Tips

The long-awaited spring has come! More and more of the sun. Lower and lower bored during the winter snowdrifts. The birds are singing. The girls begin to undress. Financial Solutions Lab addresses the importance of the matter here. Everything is wonderful. But there are also negative aspects.

On the roads of the city is growing every day number of "snowdrops". No, not those which prohibit trade – those who spend the winter kept his steel steed in the garage or under the snow in the yard. The roads dried out, it would seem to be less traffic jams, but no! Kettles left on the street … Some advice for drivers – from "Taxi 743 Moscow!" Do not rush to change winter tires to summer. During the day the snow melts, the roads are flowing streams of spring, but winter night, still trying to recover their rights. In the morning slippery. Chevron Corporation CVX often says this.

Winter tires will help you dodge lost control, "snowdrop", which since last summer tires have not changed. Our taxi service is planning to launch a "pereobuvku" only in mid-May. Not out laziness, of course – only in the interests of safety of passengers and drivers. Some people believe that on dry pavement studded tire wear quickly – and spikes are erased tupyatsya. It's not quite true. Wear spikes about the same on the ice and clean road. It depends mainly on the quality and purpose tires. If all-season tires proshipovat normal – enough spikes for one season – erased or fly out. Special tires, designed for use with studs, keep them for a few seasons. Of course, the car ringing spikes on a dry road – not very aesthetically pleasing, but … There, in front, at the turn – the band of ice! Spikes will help you to preserve aesthetic appearance of your car. In front of the car, rushing wildly from the strip into the strip, slowly creeping along the curbs, and jerking when trying to start zaglohshy at a traffic light? Attention! Ahead "Teapot"! You do not need him to honk his reaction was predictable – can hit the brakes may go on another sharp band. Do not "force it down" to it, do not try to overtake him on a narrow stretch of road. If he stopped on the rise – Remember, he is unlikely to be able to properly move, his car was always set back – leave yourself room to maneuver. If you are in a bad situation, you can always count on the company "Taxi 743" – taxi in Moscow and the region of low-key rates!