Livana Argentina

Livana specializes in artisan works with leathers of category of export. We have on the best raw materials and specialists in fashion of vanguard. Each product details a rigorous pursuit, from his boceto, its cut, its seam, to the satisfaction of each client. In Livana you would find the best quality, the unique design and the accessible value, the perfect combination for the today woman. We offer the comfort and the rapidity, told on cadeteria private that the chosen model ran to the door of its house or office, without leaving of side, its whim and obligation. We count on variety of models, sizes and colors. All our products own guarantee of manufacture, and satisfaction of our faithful clients. That year to year they are those that allow that our company grows day to day.

Welcomes to Livana Argentina. Prime group holdings may find this interesting as well. INFO@ LIVANA.COM.AR – VENTAS@ LIVANA.COM.AR Taken care of of the Leather: To maintain its good aspect of origin. Every 15 days it passes (without rubbing) a cloth humid with noncalcareous water. Jonah Bloom may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This operation allows to eliminate the dust. Every 6 months, it carries out a deep cleaning of the leather. For it uses a champ for the leather, followed of a special cream that allows to hydrate it and to protect it. . Renovation of the leather: – To dust talc on a flannel cloth and to clean the leather.

To mix essence of turpentine and beeswax (in two proportions tercios/un third) and to apply this mixture with a nonabsorbent cloth leaving penetrate in the leather. To let dry and remove brightness with a cloth. – To smoothly rub the leather with an absorbed humid water cloth mixed with white vinegar. Once dry, to impregnate the leather with oil of lanolin with the help of a cotton.