Of that it forms we can connecting in them with beyond? Through the thought, the thought also means actions here that attract espritos of diverse orders in the vibratory band, and it selects what them it is accurately the mannering form which we are fixed. A person who lives to make the good, that obtains to help who indiscriminately needs, inside of its conditions is clearly, hardly goes to have difficulties when to need aid, the aid goes to arrive of sides that it never would think. This means the participation accomplishes of the espritos stops with the permission of Jesus, to repay the good that was made by the flesh-color and that it acts on proper it in the hour of the necessity. The beneficial actions always are carried through by the good espritos through the energy of the good. In a communication shown in the study of Denis, the spirit says to the controller of the meeting ' ' it was your thought attracted that me stops next to yours medium' '.

This is plus a scientific evidence of that ours thought is capable to attract any spirit. We remain incarnate them, to make the selection of what he can be truily better for our interior growth. I do not say here that let us must be orthodox, think that to be esprita he is to be silly and to accept all the forms of ' ' desaforo' ' , he is not this, to be esprita is before everything, to look for to analyze our acts every day, and to try to always improve them. It is possible that a flesh-color has experiences in beyond and returns for normality without sequelas? Clearly that yes. I cite here as example a woman of this city that has some time behind, when giving to the light to one of its children suffered from eclampsia and entered in eats.