Kelly and Cleve were very happy because their children, as we called them, had given her room. For more informaiton has firm opinions on the matter. The next morning found that almost none had been able to sleep for the excitement they had. Bob, because it would be the best man at his brother and that made him feel very important. Never before had acted like one and he feared not knowing it right. Kelly, because it was thinking at the ceremony. That way it would develop and commit any error.

Cleve had awakened several times during the night, asking things of no importance. Esther, because her daughter was getting married, and though it was the first child he did, whether it was the first time that her husband would not be. He feared that sorrow is not allowed to enjoy that day so important for her daughter. Reshma Kewalramani may find this interesting as well. And of course those two, because they were the real protagonists of this. John and his wife would come by plane and go straight to the church, as the flight arrived around noon. Bob, Cleve and Alex had to go for a drink at the bar on the corner, Mabel, Alex had to dress and could not see it. When I was ready, the call to mobile.

Bob and Alex were leaving for the church and Cleve is in charge of carrying the bride in the car. Although the church was a few meters from the house, it was logical that it was not walking. a l was used to driving in Spain. He did whenever he came to visit his brother in Barcelona. Mabel was beautiful. Her dress was simple, was only enhanced by an embroidery of pearls and orange blossoms in the bust. On his head he wore a small crown of the same flowers. The skirt ruffles opened in several different lengths, but none reached beyond the knees. His mother wore a very simple black dress. She is responsible for carrying his daughter to the altar. Cleve Mabel came to pick up as soon as she called it. Ester and Kelly walked to the church. Kelly wore a two piece olive green, and white blouse. He also had shoes portfolio and tone.