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SOLAR EASY SHK specialized companies in the field of solar technology optimal marketing opportunities as a system partner SOLAR EASY offers young and success-oriented SHK trade companies, interested in a strong community are optimal marketing opportunities as a system partner in the field of solar technology. See more detailed opinions by reading what British Petroleum offers on the topic.. The claim – is simply intelligent this the motto for all products and services of SOLAREASY and system partners. The SOLAR EASY partner program is for: to provide customers an intelligent solar system with optimum yields and longevity. The system partners to provide an easy-to-install system on hand. A comprehensive and intelligent marketing program with proven support measures that ensure the success of the system partners. EASY SOLAR manufactures and supplies solar systems with the proviso, to achieve optimal efficiency. Hear other arguments on the topic with Reshma Kewalramani. “We have over 30 years of solar technology experience the needs of homeowners and very well met on the other side of packages for the manufacturer,” says Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director of SOLAREASY.

From this experience SOLAREASY combines the best products from the solar and heating the solar technology experience of 30 years, to deliver optimum performance through qualified SOLAREASY partners. “So SOLAREASY get systems with optimal solar income and longevity and reliability customers”, emphasises Peter. Sales support – coaching together with our sales partners combines the best practices of successful SHK-SOLAREASY operation with the most modern and efficient solar products as well as future-oriented ways of marketing. About SOLAREASY SOLAREASY a solar supply at peak efficiency for every purse has solar technology experience and optimally matched components with about 30 years. The SOLAREASY system partner on the spot are owner-run HVAC specialist businesses for solar and heating technology. The joint appeal of the partner individual and optimized Solar are heating systems for any size. Thus the SOLAREASY specialist ensures its customers the optimum safety and added value for the investment.

SOLAREASY marketing program offers a complete package of marketing support its channel partners. “We know how important are accessible services in the market. The partner can from a modular system of marketing measures which choose right for him”underlines Wolfgang Peter. In addition, the fully equipped SOLAREASY Messemobil in the form of a UFO’s is available for measuring or Hau exhibitions. SOLAR EASY simply smarter some special features of SOLAR EASY products at a glance: The SPC collector is ideal due to higher power for smaller roof surfaces. Long term stability of collector performance. Future proofing through simple expandability of the collectors. 10 year full warranty and not only against glass breakage! The optimized diameter of vacuum tube brings durably higher performance. Even at sub-zero temperatures and sunshine on cold winter days, the SPC panels provide 60-80 C for the heating and the hot water tank. Solar income and assets function can easily appear on SD card on a PC be. Wi-Fi capability allows simple representation of the solar system in the living room, it also shows SOLAREASY more features for energy savings, with a new control and solar station that the competitors can miss.

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Taiwan’s President Ma praises robust Taiwan U.S. relations during a reception for the President of the American Institute in Taiwan, Raymond Burghardt at the Presidential Office in Taipei, the Taiwan-US relations, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou praised. In addition, promised President MA the extension of bilateral exchanges in many areas. “In recent times we have made concrete progress in the Taiwan-US connections and international relations”, said Ma. This includes Taiwan’s participation at the annual meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization”in September. According to the President, other notable achievements include the signing of agreements between New Zealand and the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on economic cooperation (ANZTEC) in July, and the agreement between Singapore and the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on economic partnership (ASTEP) in November. “These developments are good for us “Creating the conditions for regional economic integration, as New Zealand and Singapore are members of regional trading blocs, such as the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “. With regard to the announced by mainland China air defence identification zone over the East China Sea, Ma pointed out President an overlap with Taiwan’s ADIZ, which already in 1953 was set up in the year. The President demanded to practice the countries in the region on restraint, to avoid escalation and on the basis of the peace initiative for the East China to resolve peacefully sea disputes, which he had proposed in August last year. (ca)