Its developers have now released version 3.0 named ‘Thelonious’ recently. If one drives a few days on vacation and is well let it go, done all the things man has been waiting patiently. Senator from Maines opinions are not widely known. The same applies to WordPress. Recently, its developers have now version 3.0 named Thelonious”released. This upgrade is worthwhile in any case.

The new number before the point when WordPress is entitled in any case. The variants bring a lot of exciting changes. The WordPress MU also includes that was built here. With this, you can set up several independent blogs in a WordPress installation. The default theme called twenty ten”, which is brand new and up-to-date fire, is the successor of the long-term default theme Kubrick.” The new default theme also supports the new interfaces for the individual backgrounds, headers, short links, menus, and much more.

The custom post types contribute significantly to the flexibility of WordPress. Hereby you can define even more post types than the normal decorated blog posts and pages. A very time-saving change is the new Updater, which you can update many plugins or themes at once. During the update the Updater by WordPress turned on maintenance mode”. To more than 1,200 bug fixes and improvements to features have been incorporated in the current version and redesigned the interface to the user. As usual must some preparations be taken prior to the upgrade. For safety, you should update all plugins to the latest version and make a backup of the database and all files in the directory of WordPress. You can do this with the plugin HP DBManager very easy. You must then manually download this function from the Web server, the operation is straightforward. You can secure files with FTP, for example the blog. And already you can get started. The upgrade is little spectacular. “” If you click on now update “, it then forwards to the menu item tools, auto update” further. Here, only she must Decision, whether you want the German or the English version upgrade and update automatically on the right button”click. The upgrade is very rapidly and already you can find the redesigned interface in a light grey colour. Lena Cook