Inventions Cabinets

Today cabinet is a mandatory attribute in almost every home. And it is not surprising, because the cabinet – this is the most desired, most thorough, most convenient and desired object interior. That's cabinet, was the ancestor of almost all the furniture, which now exists. From where it all began? The most ancient ancestor of the cabinet was a deck, carved from a tree trunk. It consists not only products but also clothing, utensils. In place of the deck came to lari.

Chest – this is roughly knocked together a box without a lid. When the chest, for convenience, cover, there was a chest. Over time, the trunk lock acquired, handles, decorative elements. He firmly entrenched in the lives of our ancestors, and almost to the end of the 15th century was the most important piece of furniture. In recent months, Nina Devlin has been very successful. Chest differed versatility and mobility. It kept the property (clothing, utensils, provisions), it slept and sat.

Chest was comfortable to wear and is indispensable for long-distance journeys and trips. Homeland cabinet can be considered as Holland. It was there in the late 15th-century chest put on the butt and get a wardrobe. Almost at the same time (early 16th century) in France set to box podstolya and we've got the famous "cabinet" – a chest with hinged lid. And the era of the closet …. Of course, it was like a little present to all of us familiar cupboard standing in every home. He was still wearing a clear trace of its ancestor (Chest) and had handles on the sides. Clothing it is stored on the shelves. Over time, the cabinet was not only functional but elegant element of decorating the interior. Replaced with materials that have appeared luxurious finishes, carving, inlay work and so on. In the late 16th early 17th-century cabinets begin to divide by application – wardrobe, cupboard – a buffet, "cabinet" – a case for storing business records, there is a bureau – bookcase with flip top. Gradually, the cabinet has become less cumbersome, has become more rigorous, practical forms, all of us familiar look. Appeared, new materials, metal parts, folding closet was. It is worth noting that in Asia, known as cabinet long, as in Europe. It was distributed in mosques. Peculiar types of cabinets are found in China and Japan. It is also almost all the people living in hot climates, there is in the interior recess or aperture, functioning cabinet. Thus was the birth of the cabinet. Passing centuries-old way of a simple wooden box has a mirror-glass masterpiece.