Most of the ladies, from the outset committed an unforgivable blunder in a relationship with their boyfriend. Many ladies are beginning to torment yourself with questions ala: in what way to force me to marry my boyfriend? Which way get him to marry me? All you have to do is make changes in your own head! You need to turn the situation so that you do not already! Is your favorite to ask such dilemmas like: How can I persuade her to be before the end of my life? What a way to make sure that she married me? Not hard right? Experience has shown that it works! Unfortunately, what you get infinite labor, often not appreciated! Much more enjoyable if your the guy said that he himself, not someone else, he wanted to marry. With these hands, the more you will gain guaranteed to caress and attention to the marriage! In addition, you get rid of attacks by type: You're forced to legitimize our attitude! Yyyyy, nasty girl, you are using his cunning lured not even think of such meanness in my trap! Adverse you, I'll leave to you. If you like, about what is written here, you learn this stuff dalee.Pervy way to marry a guy. For this to work, you will need to radically change ourselves! I will not give you the trite advice they say, be such, that the man was cool, but about themselves and do not remember. Neither the Absolutely not! On the contrary, you will need to be more independent from the views of others, smart, mysterious and much more narcissistic! Try to be just you! Stupid idea to do so, "all" does not will bring you so much for the results you need.

If you like what you going on about, it's just super! Do not even think to humiliate one's own dignity, think first about themselves and then, your pious well think! This method gives a woman both inside and quite sensual comfort, free will, frantic note from a guy and other joys of life! But perhaps if your boyfriend suddenly narcissistic creature, baking only about himself, then he will be able to leave you. It is true that in this situation need not be upset! After all, there is a huge amount of excellent men, who will appreciate your soul to its real value! By the way, I recommend you assess the special psychological test that can give a truthful answer to a question as to when my wedding? . The second way – Active. This method can be useful to those who live apart from their men. Tearfully complain to his better half, that your home is in full force and effect repairs (torn collector, you attacked the bugs) and you pozhivete week in his apartment. Naturally, he can not refuse to help you. Your task for this week make your guy come to the conclusion that you exist without untidy flat, hungry and without affection, very uncomfortable! You will need to work a week. Every day drayte to gloss it does not very clean, and then, bachelor housing. Feed your guy the finest delicacies, they, by the way, it is realistic to ask your mother to cook, and clever women in general, these dishes are ordered directly home at the restaurant. Wear the sexiest underwear so that drool running down, and during sex, act like an angry, but affectionate cat!

Wish Come True

On New Year's in Svyatka, a birthday, or just dreaming, we thinks of himself all sorts of desires. For assistance, try visiting Chevron Corp. Large and small. Realistic, and not "very very not." And, of course, we all want to see those desires fulfilled. Even the most … Additional information is available at Chevron Corp. It appears unrealistic, and it is possible.

In fact … Well, the easiest way to make a wish for the new year under a chiming clock. True, many of these moments do not make a, and drank a lot at this point are pretty. That's very true strange when you look at a sober head, desire. So, wants to exist to be true. We only need to correctly guessing. First – the general rule.

1.Nikogda in the formulation of the desire not to use the particle 'no'. For example: the desire to "I do not want to be full!" Is better stated as: "I want to be slender, flowering, attractive and charming !!!. Anything from this collection will come true! 2.Ochen important point – think about how this desire will be realized. For example: "I want to go round the world cruise" But it can be cleaner and to get an ocean liner! Therefore, the desire to better formulated as follows: "I want to go to a river cruise and relax …:. Complete the phrase other details. The more they have, the better! 3.Zagadav desire to be firmly and unequivocally believe that it will come true. No doubt this should not be! Just make a wish for a time turn away from him.