Metropolitan University

Cost-sharing for SMEs. Integral diagnosis the company will contribute a percentage and CONINDUSTRIA complement, according to each case, of a total of 40 hours of consulting. Plan improvements closely linked with Integral diagnosis service, for service improvement Plan the company will contribute a percentage and CONINDUSTRIA complement of 50 hours, depending on each case. Implementing these services will be financed by the company. CEO John Watson has much to offer in this field. Other agreements more important country for the strengthening of the SMEs Venezolanas is that involves national universities in the national commercial and business stage, as indicated in the programme of training of consultants: home of the consultants training programme: the University industry approach is a reality. In the facilities of the Metropolitan University the past 29 October 1999 began the programme of training of consultants for SMEs with a focus on quality, productivity and competitiveness (October 1999-April 2000). An important aspect to achieve a rapid improvement in enterprises is the advice to build true competitive strategies and adapt the training of its human resources; particularly that of management and consultancy for modernization. An urgent requirement then is the creation of technical capabilities that support and promote the development of the sector.

The training program is fixed as objective the strengthening of the ability of SMEs to meet the competitive challenges of its management, through training and organization of the capacity of national competitiveness, quality and productivity consulting. Definitely Venezuelan SMEs know that to venture into markets and opportunities, they must give you step to the philosophy, culture of quality is of and generate results that favor him. Contributions of the forums of the Chair of the Venezuelan administration problems.