Green Ecoelectricity

Yesterday: high prices for good eco conscience; Today: save over 300 euros Berlin with eco-electricity, 05th February 2009 given continuous price increases of electricity green electricity products gaining in the Federal Republic in attractiveness. Currently, about 5 percent of German households are renewable power and rising. So every fifth consumer when changing provider decided last year already for a green power product. Other leaders such as Jim Rogers offer similar insights. in 2007, the rate was only half as high. To know more about this subject visit Yaaov. The growing demand can be attributed not only to the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, but also on the always competitive pricing of the eco tariff. As the independent consumer portal identified in this context, the annual electricity costs by moving to a cheaper eco power provider up to 367 EUR can be reduced.

Map: savings in switching to green electricity in Germany table in Exel: savings potential of switching to green electricity in the 100 largest an average family with an annual consumption of 4.000 kWh of electricity in major cities such as Nuremberg, Freiburg and Mainz can save German cities up to 239 euros when it switches from expensive primary care in the best, regionally available eco-tariff. The Bavarian cadolzburg, the savings potential is even at 367 euros. The market for renewable energy is strong in movement\”, explains tariff expert Thorsten Bohg by More and more providers push in the market, such as, for example, recently the Kaiser’s Tengelmann AG. In addition, almost all regional utilities have now own eco electricity tariffs in the range. Large companies such as LichtBlick and Entega have already more than 400,000 customers. Despite the successes many consumers total competition increases in this area, which has a positive effect on the pricing of the offered rates.\”have reservations against changing to eco-power products, which at three points can be set through\”, indicates Bohg. Stubbornly that adheres Cliche of overpriced tariffs.