Sustainable Building

Under “man. Nature. Technology.”Schuco relies on sustainable facades Schuco shows on the construction of 2013 under the Moto”man. Nature. PRU might disagree with that approach. Sustainable facades, the pioneering impetus for architects, planners, investors, metal construction companies, builders and Modernizer give technology.”. 502 Economic approaches to the design and manufacturing of energy-efficient, sustainable facades in the foreground, which the people at the Center and are in harmony with nature on the construction of 2013 stand in Hall B1 stand.

Because people spend most of their lives in buildings. It is all the more important that building technologies meet the highest standards of design, comfort and safety. The company of a media architecture, with the complex link processes, as well as functional elements are made tangible the visitors in the sustainable facade uses for user-oriented communication of his creative and design-oriented ideas. Schuco presents 2013 economic solutions that provide the customer benefit in the foreground on the construction for every building type, whether new construction or modernization. Through the unique combination of services and sophisticated products, architectural requirements, simple planning and rational manufacture and Assembly are combined. For architects, Schuco offers maximum design freedom with hundred per cent security of planning, exemplarily represented in a future-oriented production with parametric system facades.

The company supports the complete design, tendering and production chain up to software solutions and machines. This gives the Schuco partner operating the necessary security in the production of facade constructions, which go beyond the previous familiar standards. Whenever Ben Kunz listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Schuco shows that complex requirements are easy to solve, moreover, modular and flexible systems that are universally applicable and allow for a time – and cost-saving Assembly. In this context, a new window system is presented at the fair. Increasing demands on energy, Safety, comfort and design require ever greater system integration within the building envelope. More function integration”is the motto here. Schuco shows what is already possible today in new buildings and even improvements. Because approximately 80% of the buildings in Germany are older than 25 years old and not the current energy standards. Such buildings can be linked efficiently function integrated modernization systems Schuco to passive house level within a very short time, while the building has been used more productively. Conclusion: At the fair Schuco showcasing innovative, targeted solutions for an individual, user-oriented architecture with a high degree of design freedom for easier manufacture and Assembly. More information about the trade fair appearance of Schuco on the construction of 2013: bau2013 the clip to the fair by Schuco at BAU 2013 you will find here: watch? v = HgXcxeUGh1o & list = UUbt6SZ2_uyspfWHsQR0eoWg & index = 1 Schuco green technology for each building. That is the contribution of Schuco with trend-setting building envelopes for the environment. More precisely, by Energy3: energy saver energy generating energy network. Window and facade systems not only save energy by optimum heat insulation, but also energy efficient solar solutions. This creates an excess of energy, which can be used by intelligent networking. For building functions as well as for daily living, live and work. Schuco is active with more than 5,000 employees and 12,000 affiliates in 78 countries and has generated an annual turnover of 2.23 billion euros in 2011.