Storms Peace

Fears and storms, peace and 01/05/11 faith Authorship: Norm AP. Silveira de Moraes Fear is a torment That shakes the life Copper the thought Makes the life to be distressing Fear of losses Fear of not being not to make certain Fear not to appear Fear that afflicts the soul Turbulence of sad days That it needs to have calm For not precipitating not to commit errors Fear of the death to go up to around Fear of critical the destructive Fear of the lost love Fear of the solitude That afflicts the heart Fear of the finitude hidden Anguish Hope that Faith for losing the fear is born of the faith Faith for having peace For taking the fear That penetrates and confuses But that with the faith promotes Consolation that calms Pain that afflicts Fear to lose the control Of the proper life in movement But that the faith renews Of hope and combat of the fear That devastates the human being For its imposed limitations Of the unreliability not to have certainty Of fear of the solitude and the loss Of the loved Object and of the death That they are certezas therefore one day All we will go to leave That now let us live the gift received from God Therefore the gift lived well the certainty of well to live.. . . administrator.