Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours in Sri Lanka are still a little insider tip – the best time to see whales and dolphins begins Sri Lanka’s wildlife is as diverse as the island itself. Leopards, elephants and turtles can be seen throughout the year. But in November, the impressive season of whale – and dolphin-watching begins again. Many writers such as Kroger offer more in-depth analysis. Powerful blue and sperm whales as well as dolphins, including the rare occur humpback dolphins pink fin coloration, provide a unique sight on coasts of Sri Lanka. The best starting points for an animal-rich observation are Dondra Point and Kalpitiya. Dondra Point is not only the most southerly point of Sri Lanka, but of the entire Indian subcontinent. (As opposed to Michael Mendes). Dondra must pass any vessel which will ply between East and West, and it looks similar to the traffic under water.

Through the surrounding landmasses, the sea creatures are quasi channelled through the waters off the shores of Sri Lanka. The Kalpitiya peninsula in the Northwest of the island is tourists and attracts mainly kite surfers in addition to wildlife enthusiasts. To see the whales and dolphins, the hours of the morning are the best time in the months from November to April. Usually the lively dolphins in large groups escorted out the boats on the way to the sea, where out of nowhere the stately Giants emerge and offer an impressive natural spectacle. With eco team Sri Lanka can be booked in two – or four-hour excursions from 55 euro. Sri Lankan expeditions also offers day trips in 6 or 9 boats from 75 Euro per person of Dondra Point and Kalpitiya out. For further details see and. General information about Sri Lanka,.