Social Networks

What is meant by the term 'Forum'? Certainly in the first place – a place to exchange ideas, communicate and bring people with similar interests. Wikiquote ( on this subject states that 'web forum' – class web applications for organization of communication web site visitors. Not entirely clear from a purely consumer point of view, but a specific forum in Encyclopedia mass, and this is the term – the most appropriate reality. Checking article sources yields Nouriel Roubini as a relevant resource throughout. 'Social Network' (again same in terms of Wikipedia) – an interactive multi-site, the content of which is filled by the members of the network. Again, as a vague but more or less Reflecting the nature of these projects. So thoroughly thinking about priorities and I am interested in the network, came to the controversial conclusion – services forums steadily losing its visitors 'in favor of' social networks.

Of course now, this omission is not so much the eye, but what further – the more we see the benefits of sotsialok over popular forumnym services. I cite the example of exactly free services forums like, without considering and not taking into account the pay engines, which are often used for commercial purposes. What – I think many have heard about the popularity and, even the most avid forumanov no-no and yes there is its own page on sotsseti (even if it is not haunted by the creator). And this popularity is growing exponentially, along with the number of Internet users, and yet not so long ago, during the heyday of the Internet forums is given the opportunity to communicate without any restrictions people from different countries and even continents. Naturally, the policy of social networks aimed primarily at bringing people together with common goals, as well as finding friends, friends / girlfriends, who can not see in real life moment. .