Sherlock Holmes Fashion

Men's season this fall in women fashion men. More precisely, the male image, sexy and bold. Yves Saint Laurent once created tuxedo for women, and gradually the style of 'unisex', connecting in a typical male items of clothing and light femininity, firmly cemented its position in fashion. This fall, stylish women will continue to wear shorts only Now they knit, cashmere, wool and even, bright and vivid colors changed to black, gray, chocolate. Expedia CEO addresses the importance of the matter here. The most fashionable accessories of the new season – suspenders, neckties narrow and thin straps. Overalls, pants with strict arrows, broad, free-cut pants to all those who over the summer was tired of narrow trousers, men's fragrances – all this must necessarily appear in your wardrobes this fall. Stylish cell famously prim heaven capital of England – one of the unwitting association of autumn. Drinking tea, country estates, thoroughbred horses, Sherlock Holmes, Burberry and sophisticated, expensive cell, which became another hit in the list of necessary things fashionable this fall.

Red Scotch, Chocolate London, a large black and white – it does not matter. Inspired by the romantic style of the London streets, the designers created a stylish set of cellular variants. You just have to choose something for themselves. Cold comfort fashionable yet far, and fashion designers have taken care of, that we do not freeze always, despite the weather remained stylish and look breath-taking. Clothing resumes its former relevance. Magnificent femininity heavy sweaters coarse and fine binding, long jackets and exquisite homemade dress, belted with stylish wide belt.

This season, almost every fashion brand, you're sure to find something knitted and stylish. And all happy owners grandmothers, expertly holding knitting needles and hooks, you can safely place orders. Short and sweet Returns famous sexual silhouette 80 is not expected, but I must say, this is a pleasant surprise. Short dresses with straps under the bust and waist, pencil skirts and little hats are very in tune with autumn images, make a model of retro-chic. More so, incredibly feminine actual . Girlish charm immediacy and "innocent" sexuality is very reminiscent of the unique Twiggy. Super-trendy accessories under a short dress – colorful and fun leggings. Information