Roman Emperor Julius Casar

Besides the Bardo Cucullus”, there was still the actual Cape, the so called rare, which was held on the right shoulder by a primer. The edges were fitted in all likelihood using plate Web belts, probably at the same time, an ornamental function came to. The written traditions of the Celtic peoples of neighbouring can be deduced that the Celts at ritual events all in white dressed. 19 11.1 hairstyle and headpiece of offbeat beard and hair jewelry of Celtic aroused from time immemorial the curiosity of non-Celtic neighbors and trading partners. Both the Roman Emperor Julius Casar as also ancient Greek historiographer of Diodorus the Celtic deemed hairstyle to be interesting enough to be described in detail.

From them we learn that the Celts wore her hair usually long and face only a mustache remained standing, the men grow but so long left until he covered her mouth. We also learn from Diodorus that the Celtic men so treated her hair, it looked thicker and she dyed it. Actually, the wild combed back hair and sometimes reminiscent of a turban hair towers when the Celts have been normal. Based on the external appearance of the Celts impression, which was spread in all over Greece and throughout the Roman Empire, that her barbaric savages would be, was probably intended to be: the Celts tried to instill fear possible enemies thus. And also the hair dyeing described by Diodorus could be substantiated by hair finds. Of the hair remains, researchers could ensure traces a red grease makeup that is obtained from Roteisenerz.

20 as the Roman influence on the Celts continued to, also the Celtic hairstyle fashion of becoming more and more of the Roman is adjusted, so that the Roman short haircut finally displaced the Celtic long haircut. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vertex offers on the topic.. 21 11.2 footwear on the Celtic fashion footwear is little known. Sword engravings offer a clue from the 4th century BC, on which you can see Celtic warriors, wear the sock-like slip shoes with one after curved tip.