Results Of Russian Emigration To Israel

The following year, Israel celebrated the last eighteen-aliyah (emigration). The number of eighteen to Judaism – the number of significant, meaning life, and objectively it's time to sum up the results for many reasons. Learn more at this site: Jonah Bloom. Latest stories on this topic and analysis we will try to reflect in this article. And the first one – is that there was identity of emigrants from the former Soviet Union. Russian street is certainly not homogeneous and Of course not uniquely perceives itself under new conditions, but it is already possible to talk about new features and phenomena that are established and begin to affect the future life of the emigre community. A second factor that must designate – is the integration of immigrants from the former Soviet Union in the Israeli society. Native Israelis of course the Russian language was not learned, but the Russian-speaking compatriots finally mastered the Hebrew language to the extent to feel full-fledged citizen of the country, have been re-training and begin to qualify for prestigious jobs.

Common features of the Russian emigrant children: the first category: a speaking in Russian, with a low level of culture and Essentially lack of education. The second category: Well speaking in Russian, well educated, cultured, highly motivated. Average age: the first category. From the outset, sought to quickly integrate and assimilate among the Israeli population. Aggressively take everything that is related to their former homeland, including the Russian language.

The second category. Well-arranged, which owns the Hebrew, deeply integrated, but retained its identity as a native of the ussr. There are ethnic diasporas, such as mountain, Jews, who follow the traditions and lifestyles of the places of which they came. Elderly. The most difficult for analysis of the category of emigrants. Seventy years of fear and living in conditions of total isolation from the world, have imposed a vivid imprint on how elderly people are trying to find common ground with the new world. In conclusion, should be noted that the latest wave of emigration from the former Soviet Union had an enormous impact on Israel over the past eighteen years. This theme issue is new news, and a separate analysis, but it should be noted that no doubt had the biggest impact of emigration on the cultural level of the country and the motivation to receive quality and serious education. Theatres, cinema, sports, school education, and more, that brought our former compatriots, leaving far-fifth of the population, have changed the face of the country, and these changes are continuing. Something with the time it took something to modify and continues to live, but something was confirmed, and will continue even stronger influence on the lives of all Israel. At a reprint of article direct active link to the source required!