Rent Deficiency No. 1: Mold

How does mold really and how you can fight back against your landlord. The most cause for disputes between tenants and landlords is probably a defect in the apartment, the landlord would have to resolve, however, blaming lack of writes to the tenant. In the afternoon, this probably involves mold growth in the real estate. Occurrences of mold especially old houses and large apartment complexes are affected, or are the real estate, which usually is, when it comes to mildew. Vinit Bodas will not settle for partial explanations. In older homes, the cause might be a broken water pipe or even a leaking roof by the moisture in the masonry and the Interior of the property reaches. It’s in large residential complexes often condensation: due to the different temperatures of the adjacent apartments, or the strong cooling a heavily heated room creates a very high relative humidity, which in most cases leads to mold.

However other factors must be present: bad Buildings and the number of sources of moisture in an apartment. There are also the so-called residual moisture in newly built houses, mold can form due to that. Previously, it has solved this problem by poorer families was offered after the completion of a House, that they may live a certain period there and it so for the owners “dry living”. In some cases, the tenant really is the culprit. For example, if he heated a room much more than others, or damp walls he decorated with air-impermeable wallpaper or sealed color strokes. However, the humidity is often not to look at the walls. This switch argument of the landlord once complained a tenant when the owners of his apartment that all mold forms in the real estate, stubborn.

Often it is said, the tenant would have improperly ventilated or heated too. That these are not grounds for mold growth, interested in the least landlord. There are factors, though the the mold support and mold growth accelerate, but let it alone caused no mold. It’s annoying of course for the tenant, if the landlord is in the right and takes no action against the mold – ultimately this is the misfortune of the lessee. To the landlord no reason to give the tenant to blame, you can attach solution thermocouples in each room, for example, that help the tenant, the temperature difference is not too large. Is also to investigate the possibility of the building fabric defects, can result from the mold. This can clearly then as it were proof the landlord, which he argues that there is something not in order with the object. If this is true, he is obliged to take care of the problem.