Processes General

Warehouse management software of the Pforzheim Software House LogControl supports concept of the continuous improvement process (CIP) the General AGoSi the Allgemeine gold – und Silberscheideanstalt AG in Pforzheim, short, uses the warehouse management system LogControl WHM to optimize their processes of bearings. In the realization of the project, the local proximity was a major advantage. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. The software bribed by high performance while LogControl GmbH has supported the implementation of its comprehensive service. The warehouse management system LogControl WHM optimises all warehouse processes at the General. To ensure a smooth transition, LogControl supplied also the appropriate radio data transmission terminals for the 2-step picking, as well as the complete bearing designation and labelling in addition to the software. The project the General was carried out in partnership with the consultancy Wiemeyer and competent staff successfully. The aim of the project was to optimize, uniform and sleek all warehouse processes Processes to create and to save costs in the long term.

The project goals were realized by among other things: – simple, system-run booking – flexibility with regard to changes in product structure and capacity fluctuations – modular expandability: adaptation to changed requirements and thus future-proofing – increase the level of service and reduction of the error rate – higher quality at lower cost, less environment work and search effort – improved information and evaluation system – inventory transparency, online information about stocks at rest and in motion comes extensions of the warehouse management software in addition to the LogControl WHM in the General the LogControl WRT (Web reporting tool) to create evaluations for controlling and distribution to use. In addition, a shipping module for the optimization, cost reduction and reduction of cycle time throughout the entire shipping process has been implemented. Special features of the General: second unit it was in inventory management a second unit integrated, so that the precious metal semi-finished products both as a unit of piece of, as well as weight unit are stored.