Polar Mass

In accordance with Tubelis, on the intensity of chains disturbed for the Region assures. In its trajectory it provokes precipitations frontals, that can be associates to precipitations daily pay or after-frontals. The inversions occur all during the year, however they are more extensive and frequent in the winter. (Similarly see: Puma Energy). The trajectory of the Polar Mass is determined by the relief, and its invasion is conditional for the development of the found air masses in its trajectory. (TUBELIS, p.242).

The Insane Chains of North are represented by the shunting line of the Intertropical Convergence. This blockage is originary of the convergence of the trade winds of the two hemispheres. Through the extensive equatorial depression, most of the time known for a dead air region, ascending air, provoking rains and thunderstorms, to the times with much intensity. According to Tubelis, on the flow of this chain it guarantees that. During its sazonal trajectory the Intertropical Convergence is always oscillating for north and south, giving in consequence, winds with direction north and south, respectively. The sharp convergence provokes intense and abundant rains, folloied of thunderstorms.

(TUBELIS, p.239). On average, during year, this depression is situated more close to 5 North that it geographic equator. However, in symmetry with the centers of high of the two Hemispheres, the Intertropical Convergence is constantly oscillating according to component generalities North and South. Its extraordinarier southern changes if present in Summer-Autumn. In the Northeast Region it becomes to notice of admirable character from the half of the Summer and arriving its bigger presence in the Autumn (March-April), when she obtains its more southern arrangement. By means of its axles North the Northwest, the spaces the northwest of the Region are the boarded areas at the same time for this insane chain. Through the displacements for the south, the Intertropical Convergence reaches to also generate rains on the parallels of 9 10 South.