Parents Committee

The most commonly used form of the traditional parents' meetings – the performance with the class teacher followed by his answers to questions parents. You may find that vcu health can contribute to your knowledge. Content for the meeting can be gleaned from psychological – educational books, newspapers and magazines, to communicate with teachers – product photographer, children, parents and school administration. Make sure to agree in advance with experts who can help you conduct a meeting – teachers – product photographer, social worker, school psychologist, health care workers. Very well, if we can bring to preparation of meeting their parents. If the plans should address the parents must be at least in general terms, discuss the main points, the direction of speech. Having defined the topic, the form and content of the meeting, you must prepare vehicles – pictures, documents (eg, school diaries and journals, regulatory documents – the Charter Schools Rules of students).

It is important to also set the meeting time and prepare for the meeting room, taking care of its cleanliness, ventilation and provide opportunities for all participants. Information about time and place of the meeting should be conveyed to parents in advance – You can write it in the diaries of students in order to call fathers and mothers, whose presence is due to the discussed issue is very important to you. Not bad would happen if parents raspishutsya in diaries that familiar with the announcement of holding of the meeting, and if they can not come, then let warn in advance. Early notification will allow parents to adjust their plans for the evening and find time to attend parent meetings. Main speech at the meeting should not take much time – in the evening after work, most parents are unlikely to adequately perceive it. You must have a clear plan for the meeting – after the show to allow time for parents' questions, the discussion of other topics.

It is desirable for the antics of some students tell their parents on an individual basis (for example, in a conversation after the general meeting). That parents are good from the start school assistants, they should be actively involved in solving actual problems of teaching – teaching process, engage in joint activities with the children after school. Parents Committee, elected by parents meetings – an important support class teacher. Many of the questions the teacher will help to solve it the parents' committee members. At the meeting, after discussing organizational issues (food, financial – material aspects organizing extra-curricular activities, prepare for exams, prom, etc.) must immediately determine the extent and form of parental involvement in addressing these problems. The teacher should not forget that the parents' meeting on which is a personal meeting with the class teacher the parents of his charges – an important means of forming an opinion dads and mums on the school, teachers, and they trust their child. By the meeting should be carefully prepared, thoroughly thinking through its methodology and content.