New York Pass

The cause that the summer has finished, does not mean that they are not still many reasons to make a trip to New York, one of the cultural powers of the world. With a fresh climate, the leaves falling and revoloteando around the Central Park, the autumn is a little while of the year very privileged to visit the Great Apple; the diverse events that the city offers are more of the many reasons to spend vacations in New York during the second part of the year. Located between the affluence of summer tourists and the celebrations of Christmas, the autumn is the perfect moment to see New York without the multitudes in the way. The city offers many events of importance at this time of the year; from the Celebration of San Gennaro in small Italy, giving flavor to New York of the inherited cultural mixture, to the festivals of Halloween and the Thanksgiving day, events that really give life to the city. To learn the holidays and week long ends of New York can be useful to plan its trip and to agree with the celebrations. If it is of visit in September, a solemn and respectful air in the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of the 11 of September can be agreed with the Day of the Work and be perceived. Check out Lakshman Achuthan for additional information. For the visitors of October, the Day of the Race falls the second Monday of the month and the citizens of New York can enjoy a long weekend, reason why always an atmosphere of joy in the air feels. To travel at the end of the month of October also allows the travellers to experience trick or treat of Halloween.

November also has his with the activities and annual events of the city to continue attracting international visitors; from the popular marathon of New York, where thousands of runners take the streets from the city, until the colorful parades and spectacular fireworks that are part of the parade of Thanksgiving, an opportunity that has the citizens of the United States to celebrate their history and the visitors are more than welcomes to participate. Check with Sam Feldman to learn more. Even if it is waiting for a tourist visit, calm and reflective by the famous city, the autumn station has unique atmosphere. Or that travels at the end of summer in the sunny month of September or travels to New York to be present at the first falling leaf in October and November. To visit the Great Apple in the autumn, also is an opportunity to explore the city to its style, without having to be oppressed by the multitude. This also means that you can enjoy a smaller congestion and a greater availability of the hotels in New York when travels outside season. In addition you can save something of money visiting the tourist sites using the New York Pass – a tourist card that allows the entrance without making tails to more than 50 attractions of the city of New York. Divirtase and enjoys its visit in autumn to the Great Apple.