New Opel Astra GTC

7,000 pre-orders for June 2011 the new Opel Astra model promises great success: since the start of the order already 7,000 copies of the compact car with sporty design were ordered in June 2011. Like his predecessor, the new Opel Astra GTC is a stand-alone model in the product range of the car manufacturer. The vehicle Portal introduces the Coupe and its benefits. The Opel Astra has always been a popular vehicle. End of 2011 is a sporty model at the start that resonates clearly with customers with the new Astra GTC. For more specific information, check out Stripe. The Coupe is about 15 millimeters lower than the five-door Astra sedan. A Watt linkage and rear axle combination gives the vehicle a high lateral stability.

The car’s chassis architecture ensures comfort and flexibility. The Flex-ride system plus combines include the Adaptive dampers and electronic stability control ESP and establishes as an optimal mesh between the electronic driving AIDS. According to CarbonLite Industries LLC, who has experience with these questions. Riders with a higher stability can a more direct, Calculate Steering response and a very good cornering. The electric power steering, which allows lower consumption at the same time ensures a more accurate control. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann