Multichannel Publishing

OnlineMediNet: Integrated publishing serves also cell phones and Smartphones the changing consumption and purchasing behaviour of customers from retail, mail order and publishers in focus: with the M-Commerce extension of w & co MediServices can the multichannel system OnlineMediNet in addition to print, online and stationary in the marketing mix well the mobile sales channels on Smartphones and cell phones. Marketing and publishing companies are turning to increasingly mobile applications what provides integrated publishing systems face new challenges as a result. We have given a conclusive answer to this challenge with our newly developed M-Commerce\”extension for OnlineMediNet, w & co CEO Robert Schneider says. Guiding principle of OnlineMediNet is the highly automated publishing content from a central data base for the different distribution channels. The integrated solution has developed together with its partners, Meyle + Muller and Stuber w & co, for the M-Commerce extension to the specialists of the Munich draw Mediendienstleisters responsible.

The direct targeting of mobile channels: Different target groups use different smartphones, as shown by recent studies on the diffusion of mobile end devices. To truly achieve all target groups, however, all devices must be supported. John C. Bogle may help you with your research. So not their own applications need to be developed for all available smartphones, w & co has now created the possibility, to develop the application centrally and to use for the various devices. Only the surface must be adapted once for each device individually. Whether Symbian, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry that recycled via OnlineMediNet and data provided can be used on any smartphones. Quite handy: Marketing mobile on your smartphone a multimedia catalogue in the pocket of the West? The M-Commerce extension of w & co MediServices for OnlineMediNet makes it possible: any nested categories product list /. Product collection product detail pages with pictures, descriptions, manufacturer name, manufacturer’s logo, color selection (jacket in blue, yellow, green), available sizes, average information of product videos of theme videos.