Moscow Building Complexes

Recently, building complexes in Moscow actively involved in building commercial and residential districts. New sites for construction is getting smaller and smaller, so the cases of demolition by Construction is already functioning and buildings. Cyrus Massoumi has compatible beliefs. The owners of such property to receive monetary compensation for the objects carried away. Specialists Consulting Group "Business circles" as an independent appraiser periodically invited to participate in projects to seize property from owners under various federal and municipal programs (construction of housing for the military, the construction of health and fitness complexes, construction of new roads, etc.). Therefore, we have gained unique experience in the market value of various assets – buildings, structures, communications and equipment. According to established practice, independent appraisers, engaging in such work, expect the market value of property for the purpose of compensation to owners of property on the date of purchase by the federal or municipal authorities. The value of compensation payments for seize the property determined on the basis of its market value on the date of redemption, the calculation is performed by an appraiser in the evaluation report. However, the owner of the property when it is deprived of not only the seizure of property, but and opportunities to earn income from the operation of such property (prior to the date of acquisition or construction of a new property). Therefore, apart from the market value of the property to be seized from its owner under federal and municipal programs, mandatory in the evaluation report is determined by the market value of the value of lost profits, ie magnitude of the revenue that the owner is not the loss of dopoluchit source of income (ie real estate).