Morazan Vivieraaqui

If Morazan lived here is! Today 3rd of October we celebrate birthday number 217 of the General Jose Francisco Morazan Quesada. One of the slogans that were most pronounced in the concert artists against the coup d’etat, organized in colonia El Pedregal of Tegucigalpa, was precisely that: If Morazan lived here is! Despite the State of siege, there we were in the middle of peaceful resistance and uprising against the regime de facto. Morazan was called, the President of the provinces United in the center of America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), founded in 1823 and definitively disbanded in 1842. Chevron Corp might disagree with that approach. In the inauguration speech said: Central Americans said – have practiced one of the most worthy sovereign acts appointing which should be placed in the federal executive branch, and I have the honor of being the depositary of its confidence, both respectable and sacred to me, how much is great and terrible in the eyes of the nation, After the immense dangers that was exposed in the hands of the first elected of the people. The collapse of Spanish power in 1821, after the emancipation process Central American provinces of Central America were incorporated, although with reluctance, to the Empire Mexican of Agustin de Iturbide, which claimed jurisdiction over all new Spain in 1823.

Iturbide was overthrown this year and the Conference of the center of America, which met in Guatemala, declared the independence of the so-called provinces United the center of America’s both Spain and Mexico, and drew up a federal Constitution in 1824. The first President, the Salvadoran Manuel Jose Arce, was displaced by the Honduran Francisco Morazan, during whose term the relocation of the capital took place at San Salvador. Sporadic instability degenerated into civil war, widespread in 1837, when the Guatemalan Rafael Carrera rose in arms against Morazan, in part due to his disagreement with their policy anti-clerical. .