Michael Jackson Murder: Why Nobody Know The Truth To

What really happened when Michael Jackson died in his villa in Los Angeles on a lethal drug cocktail? Was it a medical malpractice, or brutal murder really as the officials and media want to make believe it us? The murder of Michael Jackson provides answers to the American success author and journalist Ares Einstein in his book secret lives, secret murder. Away from the official language of the authorities Ares Einstein complete proof is, that the King of pop was a murder plot against the victim prepared long. After long searches, where Einstein together contributed countless clues and talking to numerous witnesses, what would actually have been the job of the police, Einstein is the only one who knows why Jackson really did die and who are the masterminds of the crime. His book is a bestseller in content, should not be however of the edition made it: because both intelligence agencies as also among influential public figures in the Jackson murder plot involved, was Einstein by the public prosecutor in Oradea not to disclose his insider knowledge. The Court feared that could violates personality rights through my book, which also names as, according to the author of the secret reports. In reality it comes however, that the truth never to be revealed. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Mendes on most websites. Influential circles exert pressure on the judiciary, so the book is sabotaged and is definitely not in the bookstores. He knew such censorship, according to the author further, only totalitarian States such as dictatorships.

There are only a few, uncensored copies of the classified report in circulation in Germany. The explosive reading about Einstein24.de can be ordered. Despite of all legal setbacks Ares Einstein does not loose. Now the Michael Jackson Code is published under the title a concussion another report, in which the success author reveals the intrigue and the backers who brought the King of pop in the fall. It is likely only a matter of time be, to also this explosive tell-all book Court banished from the bookshelves of the trade or censored by forced blacking.