Legacy Level

There are three levels of motivation in MLM businesses that help keep us on course toward success. First level of motivation: Material success in this first category are all things that excite our senses and stimulate us to act. Many people dream of having the car latest model, the House overlooking the beach, traveling around the world, retire at an early age. There is an endless list of things that can be very challenging to keep us active in MLM business. Second level of motivation: recognition and respect is a secret that people need encouragement. For this reason the healthy recognition of other people is another type of motivation in MLM business. Why one fights every day by obtaining the approval of people one respects.

Perhaps you want a group of colleagues or business to respect your achievements. Many people are motivated to have the respect of a mentor, father, teacher or Chief. Others seek respect for their spouse. Third level of motivation: purpose, destination and Legacy material reward is exciting. Recognition and respect can be even larger stimulus, however deep and sustainable motivation comes from the sense of purpose. Purpose means to live for something more, to leave a legacy, to make a difference. To understand these three levels of motivation and its application will keep us in the right direction towards achieving our objectives in marketing multilevel, hence the importance of knowing them.