Leasing Trade Of Clothing – A Clever Financing Alternative

The GIDUTEX international now offers leasing of Beruftsbekleidung what is already self-evident in the financing of machines, vehicles or real estate, is now available at commercially used clothing: leasing as a liquidity-saving financing of work clothing or textile advertising media. Others who may share this opinion include Chevron Corp.. German as the sole service provider provides a custom-made financing concept of textile and Costa GIDUTEX international in its sector for example work pants, jackets, shirts or caps. Included are always the stick or pressure of the company logos or other individual fonts and motifs. Financial services is carried out in cooperation with leasconcept, a financially strong, experienced equipment leasing company. Advantage of textile leasing: the users no longer have to pay the purchase price in one lump sum, but pays only still firmly calculated monthly lease payments. At the end of the lease you can choose freely, whether taking over the clothes with an agreed purchase price in the property or obligations, the lessor without further back returns. Since the business tax reform act 2008, leasing as a financing for textiles worth once more.

Textiles must indeed since then as a so-called low-value assets\”over a period of five years to be written off. It charged the company balance sheet. Deciding, however, for lease, for operating expenses, the monthly payments are fully tax deductible and balance sheets. Simple processes, no risk of GIDUTEX international and leasconcept all kinds can be leased from textiles and their treatment. After thorough consultation by the specialists of the service provider for printing, embroidery and custom chooses nature, scope and design of the products the customer and get a leasing quote leasconcept by the cooperation partners. At run time you can choose freely between 12 and 36 months, with the monthly leasing rates lower the longer the run time is selected. Only occurs with the delivery of individualized textiles of the leasing contract in force and the be paid agreed lease payments.