Japanese Whale

Together they call for the closure of Dolphinariums Andreas Morlok and the biologist Norbert Kochhan in cooperation with the German organisation of ProWal of the whale and Dolphin protector worldwide, to stop the demand after the freedom-loving marine mammals as well as in Germany. WDSF’s Managing Director place Muller: along with Ric o’ Barry and ProWal have we publicly to an exceptional import ban for whales and dolphins to Germany and protesting the closing of Dolphinariums, spoken in Berlin and in the cities with Dolphinariums with politicians, public discussions about the nonsensical Dolphin therapy and all without real success for the sensitive marine mammals criticized the conditions in German Dolphin prisons to the supervisory authorities. Learn more at: John Collison. The Bay of the Cove will galvanize the German cinema-goers. No one who has seen this eco-thriller, will be ever a foot into a delicacy. This is our common hope with the filmmakers, so the myth has an end Pinball also in Germany and the troubled friends of people remain friends in freedom.” Ric O’barry is currently still in taiji on traveled with the presumption to be arrested, especially since some irate Japanese had threatened this him there because of its relentless film publication. Accompanied by several journalists (including der SPIEGEL) and some film crew apparently made impression on the approaching police. O’barry heard astonished, that the Japanese police behind the Dolphin hunting stand, but could intervene not because of government approvals for the fishermen. Possibly, the change of Government in Japan brings a change in the Japanese Whale – and Dolphin fishing. A first glimmer of hope for the dolphins, who soon becomes a reality.