Herisau, January 17, 2010 – cooperation between and Coop Bau + hobby., the search engine for catalogues is pleased to announce that under… More info: Goldman Sachs CEO. 14 catalogues from Coop Bau + hobby are available. Following catalogues are available: water and energy saving poisonous plants garden plants stop invasive neophytes the rose plant Earth plant energy saving trips decoration set up irrigation care machines Coop is of Switzerland’s second-largest retailer and organized in five sales regions. COOP maintains about 1’800 sales outlets and employs over 53 000 employees.

In the area of organic and fair trade products is clear market leader Coop. The outlets are in 30 mega stores (3’500 6’500 m2), 87 large supermarkets C (1’890 3’500 m 2) and 180 medium-sized supermarkets B (980 1’890 m 2) and 518 small supermarkets A divided (up to 980 m2). The entire Coop Group achieved a consolidated net proceeds from deliveries and services by CHF 18.7 billion. Speaking candidly Michael Mendes told us the story. Thus could the previous year exceeded 0.4 billion, or 2.1% again 18.3 billion to CHF CHF. The entire Directorate for trading with the formats stores Coop included city, Bau + hobby, import perfumery, toptip/Lumimart, Interdiscount and Christ Uhren & Schmuck as at 31 December 2009 total 541 points of sale, which are exactly equal to many as in the previous year. Overall, Coop trading sales offices achieved a turnover of approx. CHF 3.3 billion This represents a slight decrease of about 0.8%. All Internet shops of the Coop Group achieved a turnover of CHF 0.2 billion This means a nominal increase of 16.4%. The range control is mainly dominated by consumer electronics and oil – 19.0%. In other words: Real more were dropped over the Internet shops of the Coop group 38.4% than in the previous year.